Friday, May 12, 2006

Last Day In Coldigioco

No! It's not possible! Today is our last day in Coldigioco before we head out to the train station and then it's off to Rome. This time here has been fantastic. I wish I had had more time to blog and tell you all about this little slice of heaven.

Life is very simple here. No one owns a microwave or (unfortunately) a clothes dryer but you quickly get over those things. One look at the lush hillsides, tiny lizards running about and the fantastic fresh food and variety of wines and I fell in love. Our view out of the studio windows was enough to take your breath away in sun or rain.

We have spent a lot of time on the torch in the past few days with Larry teaching us new techniques and demos from many of the students. Mauro came by yesterday and asked me to make a small bottle, on which he put two tiny sculpted seahorses. He made a sea star stopper for it. Magnifico! We made a collaboration bead in Sue Snyder's honor and it will rest under a rose bush outside of the glass studio's windows.

Oh yeah, I learned to make Byzantine chain for a bracelet. I love it! I'll definitely be doing more of that.

So, I have many, many pictures to share. I hear we may have fast Internet access in Rome but with only two days, I'll see what I can squeeze in. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments and emails!

Ciao for now!


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