Wednesday, May 10, 2006


...And it's wonderful! Ever been in a food--induced stupor? That's what we've been feeling like lately. How can you refuse? All of the parmesan, pasta, bread and all of the other tempting goodies. Yum!

We are having a great time - eating waaaayyy too much! We've gone to a lot of the small towns around. Saw a palace and ate dinner with the owner (a Count) the other night. We went to another town last night and saw a beautiful church dedicated to St. Patrick (the second). Then we went to a restaurant nicknamed "The Pesto Lady". We had a whole dinner that was vegetarian and very, very good. Talk about delicious!

Larry and I have been taking long walks to try to work off some of the calories. Yesterday we went on a 40 minute walk with Pago (the dog), Lolita (a 12-year-old orange tabby cat) and Caraba (a little black cat). I thought for sure the cats would drop off and we'd lose them but they hung on and went the whole way. Lolita meowed for the duration but cheerfully trotted along.

It's really cold here. Thunder and lightning and freezing rain. Today is sunny though so hopefully it will warm up. We've been getting in a lot of torch time. We've had demos by Larry (of course), Leslie Thiel, me and a wonderful artsit named Mauro Puccitelli. He's coming over this afternoon to do more for us - a maestro at tiny animals, insects and other sculpted items. He also pulls his own glass and we've been playing with it. It's totally compatible with Effetre and we have been playing with some different colors.

Well, gotta run. Since I'm on dial-up and pictures are so slow loading, I think I'll come back and add them as soon as I'm on a faster connection so please check back!

Ciao for now!


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