Sunday, May 7, 2006


So, it's Monday already and we're in Coldigioco. Coldigioco is a very small village in the Marche region of Italy. It consists of 11 buildings owned by various famous/semi-famous geologists and geophysicists who come to the region during the year to do research. There is a fantastic flameworking studio, a common kitchen, beautiful views and tremendous food!

I'm also getting my kitty and puppy fix because Paula and Sandro, our hosts, have three cats and wonderful dog named "Pago". Pago is a chocolate lab mix full of personality.

So, after a second day of visting Murano and Roberto Dona, we returned to Venice and did the Rialto market and some more sightseeing. On Saturday morning we rode the train down here during a train strike - we were lucky to get on one of the only trains running. Yummy dinner at a local restaurant and then we fell into bed, exhausted.
Yesterday was a full day of torching and then dinner made by Sandro. Man, that guy can cook! It was wonderful...

Today, we're off to see a local flameworker who does penguins and other creatures the size of a grain of rice (using full-sized glass rods, of course!). Then it's an afternoon of torching and dinner at a local restaurant.

Internet access is dial-up. I'll see if I can get a picture or two uploaded tomorrow.

Ciao for now!


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