Friday, May 5, 2006

Two Days in Venice/Murano

Writing from an Internet cafe in Venice. Gorgeous city, gorgeous weather! We have gone to Murano both days. Stopped by Effetre for a very brief tour. True to their secrecy, we didn't get to see much. Roberto Dona was totally charming, as usual and I stocked up on *too many* tools! We found Lucio Bubacco at home in his studio and he welcomed us in.

Today, we headed back to Murano for a bit and are finishing up our whirlwind shopping and sight-seeing tour of Venice. Tomorrow we're off to Coldigioco and hopefully a little better Internet access.

Unil later!


Tuesday, May 2, 2006

And we're Italy that is!!!

Good morning!

It's 6:45 am and I'm sitting in Seatac airport in Seattle waiting for my 8:00 am flight to JFK and then on to Venice. It's really nice to think that my only real concern right now is should I have the bagel with cream cheese or plain? I *do* have about a 15 hour (ugh!) trip ahead of me but it's a small price to pay for what I think are going to be two fantastic weeks.

So, Larry B. (Brickman) and Kendra B. (Bruno) left for Italy on Sunday to be able to check out our teaching venue. I'll meet them and the rest of the group in Venice on Wednesday morning.

Here's a rough outline of our itinerary -

Wednesday 5/3/06 - Arrive in Venice at about 9:30 am. Make my way via water bus to the hotel by 11:00 am. Free time in Venice.

Thursday 5/4/06 - Day in Murano. Tour of Effetre, Carlo Dona, stop in at Lucio's, SHOPPING!

Friday 5/5/06 - Free day in Venice or Murano. Whee!

Saturday 5/6/06 - Travel via train to Coldigioco (small hill town, SE of Venice on Adriatic side)

Sunday 5/7/06 - Class most of the day with Larry (I'm TA'ing), evening cooking class

Monday 5/8/06 - Visit with glass maker, Mauro Puccitelli, class with Larry, visit the Pope's home

Tuesday 5/9/06 - Morning class with Larry, Tolentino

Wednesday 5/10/06 - Papermaking museum in Fabriano, class with Larry

Thursday 5/11/06 - Morning class with Larry, afternoon jewelry making with Kendra, food and wine tasting

Friday 5/12/06 - Morning class with Larry, afternoon jewelry making with Kendra

Saturday 5/13/06 - Depart for Rome

Sunday 5/14/06 - Day in Rome (!)

Monday 5/15/06 - Leave for U.S. and arrive back in Seattle happy and exhausted!

So, I hope that gives you an idea of what we're doing. I have my camera with me and I'll try to upload pix when I can. Whee! Feel free to email me or comment here!

More soon...