Sunday, July 24, 2005

Feeling Fine

I've almost kicked this cold that I brought back from Italy - just a reminder of the trip, I suppose. I was also reminded this week at how little torch time I get while I'm working full time and doing glass "on the side". I treasure my time at the flame and sneak it in where I can. I'm working on items for sale on ebay as well as for a bigger bead show in Seattle in October. I also really believe in Pratt Fine Arts Center so I'll be making items for their holiday sale. Half of the profits go back to them to support classes, etc.

There's a big marble get together at Momka's boro today. Another thing to pique my interest and rob my pocketbook, I suppose! I just got in a big order of Bullseye glass for myself - love the stuff but it is a lot more expensive than the Italian glasses.

As for ebay - slow time of year, I've decided. I thoroughly appreciate those who have purchased my work. I've decided to try to get a couple of focals or sets up each week and at least one perfume bottle. Don't know if I can hold to that or not. Here's what I have up right now ( Have a great Sunday - I'll update on the marble get together later.