Friday, April 7, 2006

Is it really April???

Oh my goodness! I just can't believe it! I've been watching the gorgeous cherry blossoms and other signs of spring but you know how it is, you look at the calendar and whoomp - there it is (yeah, cheesy I know)!

So, these articles and such are starting to emerge. Jim Thingwold over at Glassline sent me some comp copies of the magazine with my "how to" on hollow perfume bottles. A little bit about that - the pictures are a little dark but there's a good reason! Nicole Brown took them for me during a power outage which happened in the middle of the demo I was doing. It's a testament to her fantastic photography skills that they still turned out great! Also in the Glassline April/May issue is a nice article Jim did about the Kobe Lampwork Glass Museum exhibit. I'll be sure to post more pictures that Larry Scott took during his visit to the Museum this week. You'll be able to find them on

Larry B., Kendra Bruno and I made a "power run" last weekend down to Portland, OR for the O.R.B.S. meeting. What a great group of people! I would love to get the Seattle group and the Portland group together for a very fun, LOUD, and creative meeting!

My blog has been listed on a great new site - Please make sure to check it out (maybe you came here from that site). This is a great opportunity to see what other folks are up to. Some people post their latest work on their blogs and some - just their musings about life. In any case, it's a good way to get to know some of your favorite lampworkers!

Only three weeks until my next trip to Italy - I know I haven't said much about it but I intend to blog through it and I hope you'll check in to see what we're up to. I'll be flying into Venice, spending a couple of days there and in Murano. Then it's off to a little village called "Coldigioco" for beadmaking in the countryside. Finally, I end up the trip in Rome for a couple of days. Poor me, huh? I love to travel and this was such a great opportunity, I couldn't pass it up!

More news soon - oh yeah, went to see Train and Anna Nallick - both fantastic concerts! Seattle offers a lot of opportunities for both the art and music lover - just one of the many reasons I love where I live.