Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday Update

I just don't blog often enough - will try to be better about that. In addition to glass this week, I have been doing some fun knitting. I love to knit with wool and throw the item in the washer to felt so imagine my delight at finding a cool book having to do with is very thing - it's called "A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting" by Cat Bordhi. Too cool! Ms. Bordhi teaches you to knit a moebius scarf and from there you move onto baskets, cat beds, etc. I've included a picture of the basket I finished here. See the handle? It has no beginning and no end - that's what a moebius is. This basket is the perfect size for storing a beady collection in!

Speaking of beadies - been making some. I also made a few more bottles. That little amber and black one sold on the 'bay. Very happy about that. I am not sure about listing the bottles on ebay though. I get the sense that it's not the right venue for them. I'll see. I ordered an electroforming kit this week. Can't wait. If you've never seen electroforming, I encourage you to check out Kate Fowle Meleney's gorgeous beads - here's her site

I went to Momka's boro last weekend to see a marble show. Such talent! It's amazing to see these artists work on their "torches on steroids" (compared to my Minor). There are little worlds in them thar marbles! You should check them out and think about starting a collection!

Gotta get going for the day but I'll leave you with a little perfume bottle and a teeny little woman's figure that I put a pendant attachment on. Now, I probably wouldn't walk around with one of these around my neck but someone might - you never know!