Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Frit Testing

To my dismay this week, I got a shocking electric and gas bill. I think I'm pretty thrifty - I turn off lights, consolidate laundry, you know. I'm frustrated (a little) by the continuing cold and dustings of snow. Not that I can do a thing about it, so to take my mind off of it I have been trying to get things done.

I'll show you some pix next but first I want to put in a little plug for one of my favorite organizations - the International Society of Glassbeadmakers. I've been working on their website this week and found a veritable trove of awesome photos going way back chronicalling their work. It's amazing the talent associated with the ISGB. Keep checking back to the site too because we're putting up more and more stuff.

What have I been doing? Well, web work for sure. I also got down to the torch and did some frit testing for Val Cox. Here are a few pix of the results. Unfortunately, this week I also taught my sweetie, Rich, the word "frit". Do you have any clue just how many puns you can make with the word "frit"? We won't go into that now, will we?

Mandarin Yellow

Lipstick Pink

Tropical Seas

Tutti Frutti