Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day - As Good a Day as Any to Start Blogging Again

Yep - it's been what, like almost a year since I posted last? Maybe not quite but sometimes there just isn't that much to say or you know what? I think social media and blogs are sort of at odds with one another. I put a lot of what I'm doing up on FaceBook and totally forget to chronicle it here.

Anyhow - Happy St. Pat's Day. To me, it's an excuse to break out the corned beast and cabbage and potatoes. I've chosen to put my hands on my ears and say, "La, la, la..." to the actual history of the holiday. I'm not really "celebrating" anyway.

So, what is up with me? I am still working from home at the moment. I have created about a dozen websites since January - which is awesome. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to create a tool to help other artists, businesses, and non-profits to promote their ventures.

I'm torching - not as often as I need to be but I have some upcoming shows so I HAVE to.

I've had this undeniable itch to do something with the piles of yarn and fiber I've amassed around me. I recently sold my Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel to a beginning spinner to finance the purchase of a similarly priced but more versatile wheel. I'll be talking about that more once it arrives. It's an American, woman-made wheel - I'm very excited about that.

Enough rambling. My thoughts go out the Japanese people. I've been glued to NHK and CNN for a week now. This is so much bigger than all of us!

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