Thursday, May 13, 2010

Someone new? Yep, ME!

Ok, so months have gone by again but I DO have a little bit of an excuse (but not really). Other people manage to keep their blogs up to date despite the busiest of circumstances.

Life has just been motoring along and I've just been trying to keep up with it. The biggest news I have is that Rich and I GOT MARRIED. So, while of course, I'm still the same person, my new name is Janelle Zorko Schultz (or it will be after I do all those paperwork things).

We had a lovely and very small wedding in Pensacola, Florida on May 7th. Are you wondering why you weren't invited? Well, actually no one was! We chose to make it small (the person marrying us and his wife, plus two witnesses). You see, our family is scattered, there were cost concerns and the boat we were on only held so many people. We were married on Gulf Islands National Seashore in a short and sweet ceremony. I feel that life is short and sweet and so it was perfect!

In other news, I continue to make beads, create and update websites, garden (Rich and I put in a really nice one, pictures soon), experiment with fiber and tend to our ever-aging pet herd. Speaking of which, we lost one of them to kidney failure. So sad that kittehs and puppehs can't live as long as we do!

In Rememberance - Miss Mia Maria

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