Friday, March 18, 2011

Sometimes the News Gets to Me

Good Morning!

I've said this before but I really should just stop reading, watching, etc. the news but there's no escaping it. Even reading through my friends' FB posts and emails yields a trove of the not-so-pleasant sometimes. We all go on and live our lives though, wish the best for those facing adversity and hope that tomorrow brings better tidings.

St. Pat's Dinner was awesome as evidenced by the steaming bowl o'beef, cabbage and taters shown here. The Guinness was a nice addition as well.

I'm prepping for the arrival of my new spinning wheel. On Ravelry, I found a program run by a lovely Alpaca farm. "Spin a Bag, Get a Bag" means that the farm sends two bags of Alpaca fleece. One for me and one for them. I received a beautiful caramel-colored fleece for me and a white fleece to spin up into lofty two ply for them. The white fleece was pretty dusty so I washed up some and it's been drying in the sun for the last day or two. Nice fluffy cloud-like fiber - I can't wait to spin it!

While my life goes on, my thoughts are with the people of Libya, Japan and friends who recently received bad news.

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