Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekends are for fun

My idea of a fun weekend may not mesh with your idea a fun weekend - but then again it might, if you're so busy during the week that staying in and making things makes you happy.

That's exactly what I did. I squeezed in some web and other work but when I wasn't doing that, I was MAKING STUFF and I love it! Saturday into today, it was Purim - a Jewish holiday I mentioned last year. Purim is traditionally a fun holiday that commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination. I won't go into it here but if you want to read more about it - here's a link to some info - Purim. I am not Jewish - but since Rich is, I'm learning and since I love baking, I made the customary "Hamantaschen" cookies again. This time I didn't have to send them clear across the country so that my guy could enjoy them.

Since I was on a "make it from scratch" streak, I decided to haul out my seldom-used Salton yogurt maker. Have you tried Greek yogurt? Rich and I have been buying the Chobani brand - and we love it. What we don't love is paying upwards of $2 per small container of the stuff. So I started reading up on it and interestingly, all it is, is regular yogurt with some of the whey strained out. So, as I said, I made some yogurt (pretty economical) and then I set it in some cheesecloth to strain out a lot of the whey. I mixed it with some fresh kiwi and honey - nummy!

What a nice weekend! Now, it would have been perfect if the US hockey team could have pulled out that last point, but hey, I didn't even know I was a hockey fan...until today!

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