Monday, July 21, 2008

Playing Hooky!

I only have another week and a half before I start my new "real" job so I'm taking advantage of the time and getting stuff done around the house, making beads and processing fiber with the new drum carder.  The drum carder is so much fun though, that beadmaking is kind of taking a bit of a backseat - not permanently - just this week.  I have made beads - just not nearly as many as I should have.

Here are some of the fibery things I've been doing -
Washed some more llama.  This is a brown fleece with TONS of guard hair.  I'll be picking that out for awhile!  I'm wondering if it's worth it.  Hmmmm....
Then I "rescued" a fleece that I accidentally felted.  This was the first fleece I bought and I thought it was kind of a lost cause but the batts out of the carder are wonderful!
Finally, I hauled out my ball winder and wound the three skeins of my gray handspun that I had dyed teal.
Whew!  Lest you think I was totally ignoring the beads, I WAS prepping stuff for the electroforming bath - here's a sneak peek -
One more day until I leave for Comic-Con - yay!

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