Sunday, July 20, 2008

HOT Wheels!

Our group of ladies met yesterday for the first time in over a month.  We just enjoy getting together and spinning, knitting, crocheting, whatever so much.  No pix this time.  I spun up another bobbin full of llama destined for one of these.

Blanche crocheted on her beautiful chevron blanket, Sunny pulled out at least four projects while we sat there and Lori and Heidi spun some white wool.

I'm going to look at more of the llama today and get ready for my impending trip to Comic-Con.  Many people don't know what a closet geek I am.  I am truly looking forward to San Diego, visiting with my sister and brother in law and seeing the actors, writers, and artists who come to the Con.  More about Comic-Con later.

Maybe I'll get out my camera today and take pix of all the new beads I've been making for the Gathering coming up in a few weeks in Oakland, CA.

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