Sunday, November 13, 2005

Rain, Rain - Go Away?

I'm never sure if I love or hate the rain. I think I love it but it's washing all of my beloved leaves for electroforming away! The good thing about the Pacific Northwest is that we still have a lot of greenery all year long. Right now, a lot of that is in the form of moss!

The cooler weather brings out the crafty side of me. I want to spend every waking hour making beads, or stringing beads, or knitting or whatever I can. There are not enough hours in the day!

Some of you keep up with my critter crowd here in Seattle. My one and only indoor/outdoor cat managed to sustain a nasty bite of some sort and after an abcess and surgery to remedy it, I'm $600 poorer and the cat looks like "Franken Cat"! On the bright side, she has clean teeth and she's staying inside, out of the rain, until she heals.

I went to Frantz Art Glass yesterday for their "Open Saturday" blowout. Always good to replenish the stock of glass. I love Mike's sales but I also buy a lot of my glass from Bill and Donelle Thornton at Island Glass. Fantastic customer service - they're good people!

A few pix - my first set of encased florals (above) and a purple swirls perfume bottle.

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