Friday, October 28, 2005

Back to the cool fall of Seattle

Hi! What a shock - to go from 95 degrees in Puerto Vallarta to scraping ice off of my car windows in Seattle! Mexico was fantastic! The timeshare hotel - Velas Vallarta - is gorgeous and I enjoyed the time with my mom. She even went parasailing at my treat and had a blast! We spent some time bargaining with the vendors for little gifties, wandering around "Old Town". We went to Mama Lucia's tequila factory and up into the hills for lunch. We also did a Mexican fiesta at the Iguana Restauant in Old Town - great food and entertainment. I walked on the beach every morning and evening - ahhh, nice...

I had another lovely experience in Mexico. There is a company called "Eco Tours" that sets up trips a little ways up the coast where you can help with the conservation efforts of the Olive Ridley sea turtles. We left from the marina at PV at 9pm and drove about 30 minutes north to a beach where there is a "Turtle Camp". We didn't see any mama turtles but since there had been quite a few a couple of months ago (it takes 50 days for an egg to hatch), there were TONS of babies ready for release. We spent several hours scooping them into styrofoam containers and then releasing them into the ocean. When I fell into bed at 1:30 am, I was exhausted but very happy that I went.

Here are some photos I took in Mexico -\index.html

Well, a new/used oxygen concentrator is sitting here waiting for me to free it from its cardboard and styrofoam peanut packaging so that I can MAKE SOME GLASS! I can't wait - the old concentrator gave up the ghost a few weeks ago and I've been using oxygen but this will ensure that I don't run out in the middle of a session. More pretties soon!

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