Sunday, September 4, 2011

Is this blog dead?

Well, it's not dead - just realllly neglected!

You know how it is - you have every intention of writing and then life gets in the way. Ok, so where did we leave off? Last I wrote, I was a self-employed web developer with little time on my hands. NOW, I'm a fully employed Director of Digital Marketing at a local publisher and I still have little time on my hands. Wow, has life changed! I love my job, my commute isn't bad and things are going well!

I got that beautiful spinning wheel and took it apart and finished it. Here ya go - it's called an Infinity wheel. The maker is a very helpful and talented woman, who along with her retired machinist dad made up about 8 wheels. I'm not sure yet, but that may be all they make as their lives have gotten busy and "dad" has had some health things. I wish them all the best though and hope their wheel-making venture continues as I love mine. I may post my review in my next post.

What else? Still making beads. Had a great time at The Bead Biz's "Beadapalooza" event last weekend. Lots of single beadies and sets will be made into jewelry, this time by someone else.

Next weekend is a visit to Colorado - can't wait! I haven't been home in a long time!

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