Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alabama (not Washington) Snow!

Oh my gosh - it's March already! I got a lovely video today of the unusual snow in Alabama. It was beautiful and fleeting but I won't forget my snowy windshield message!

Even working for myself these days, time gets away from me. Maybe that makes me a bad boss? I dunno - but since my updates are sometimes a little further apart than I would like them to be, I'm updating with a bunch of pictures of things made this week.

It was a time for focusing on sets so rather than commenting on all of them, I'm just going to post some that came out of the kiln recently (feel free to click on any of these to see larger photos) -

This one is something a little different for me - I was asked to submit pictures of beads made into functional art for an article. This is a drawer pull - and it's really big! Well, not big for a drawer pull but that's a lot of glass again. It's fun to push the limits and see how big I can work.

Also including some pix of fan pulls I've made.

Finally, since we're doing show and tell today, I finally got around to firing some PMC and Art Clay Silver charms I've made. This stuff is so awesome - I'm going to try to work a little more with it and my BronzClay this week.

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