Sunday, January 4, 2009

Glorious Sun and More Snow Pix

We are having a GLORIOUSLY sunny day! It's the calm before the next storm. I don't care what it is - I'll take it! I just snowbooted up and went with the puppers on a walk. Here's what I saw -

The house - I live in a split level with a daylight basement. Uh huh.

The driveway - with which my snow blower and I are intimately familiar. See how lazy I've become? I no longer try to do the whole thing.

The street -

The almost disappeared mailbox. It will be gone tomorrow. The stuff in front of it is snow and ice. I've given up. Oh, that's Mt. Spokane in the distance. You can kind of see why I moved here. It *is* kind of pretty.

I'm making progress on my Carpenter's Star quilt - see...

There are four more borders and I'll make sure to post pix as I finish. Now to get some work done!

1 comment:

  1. I love snow... and that may be more than I even need!

    I love that quilt too! You are woman of many talents!