Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quick pop in...

Just a quick pop in. Wanted to show off a little series of bottles I've been torching. My goal is to make 20 new perfume bottles this week.

The snow continues to slowly melt. I don't think spring is exactly on its way yet but these bottles provide a little color!


  1. Nice jugs, honey! Do you feel like you're being acousted by a drunken sailor? Sorry...just wanted to brighten up this snowy day. Those perfume bottles are "to die for" Janelle. And I can not tell you how many unfinished quilts I have here. Do you think its a winter snow issue? Like cabin fever? For me, out come the fibers, sewing machine, baking,...in addition to the torch. Oh Yeah, and go to work -uck. Keep on with the wonderful work.