Monday, October 20, 2008

On the Road Again...Hola!

I can't believe it's finally here - my biennial trip to Puerto Vallarta with my mom and her friends.  Actually, "biennenial" isn't quite right. Last year, the conditions just weren't happenin' for either of us and we ended up just visiting each other.


So, sand and surf and almost unbearably hot weather the first day or so but it's better today and I'm sitting on the balcony watching the iguanas in the trees, seeing peacocks on the resort grounds strut their stuff and obviously, checking in.  Went up to the Gigante supermarket this morning.  I missed it on the bus because it has apparently changed its name.  Came home and got in the pool for a bit.  Not quite lobster-ish yet but I can tell it's coming despite the lavish use of sunscreen.  Blame my heritage for the pasty whiteness.

More pix soon,



  1. Wish I was there!

    You've been tagged!

    Check out my blog for details.

  2. What a lovely photo! Enjoy (assuming you're still on vacation). Are you finding any particular design inspiration in Mexico?