Friday, September 16, 2005

Animals Get Me Every Time!

So, you may have noticed that I haven't blogged lately. I'm just too busy to keep on top if it. I've been doing a lot more electroforming. I am making long beads, short beads, squat beads, round beads and even candy corn beads for a show in October.

That's not all that's been on my mind though. I've been watching the sad news about hurricane Katrina (as is everyone, I'm sure) but the video and news accounts of the homeless pets just tug at my heartstrings and I could feel them pulling me towards Louisiana. This week, a friend of mine let me know that they desparately needed help at a parrot rescue and I've been watching with horror the images that

People have been great in helping me prepare for the trip. Evergreen Pet Supply in Seattle gave me a 50lb box of bird food, which Alaska Airlines let me put on the plane without comment. Bed Bath & Beyond extended their little blue coupon thingy to be 20% off of my entire purchase of kitchen scales and veggie choppers. My vet donated medicines for me to take to Pasado's. People are generally wonderful in a crisis. I like to think most people are good in general anyway but of course, it's always good to exercise some caution.

Ok - enough of my later than midnight ramblings. I'll update as soon as I can. Depends really on where I'm staying. If I help with the parrot rescue, I'll be in a house with all the amenities in Baton Rouge. If I help with Pasado's, I'll likely be sleeping in my rental car. I'll see where the greatest need is when I get there! Hugs to everyone and thank you for being so supportive!

Janelle is displaying. Animals are still coming in from flooded areas over 2 1/2 weeks after the storm! So anyway, here I am, sitting in an airport in the middle of the night - waiting for a flight to Dallas and then on to Baton Rouge. The trip is already reminding me of the epic feats I had to go through to get home from Italy. This is a different type of trip altogether as you might imagine. My tiredness has taken some of the edge off of my anxiety about going. What will I see? How can I help? Will I be able to live with myself when I leave? Oh - phone's ringing. It was Orbitz flight recording saying my flight had been pushed back to 2:15am. It doesn't matter - that just shortens the delay in Dallas. My arm's smarting. Before I left, I got a Tetanus shot and a combo Hep A & B. Plus the clinic at work loaded me up with a prescription for Cipro (a broad spectrum antibiotic) "just in case".

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